“For a handful of rice” is the project aimed at improving the economic situation of families in peripheral Bangladesh sustainably. The purpose of this project is to support fundless families not only financially and to prepare them for their self-sufficiency, so that they can live without any outside monetary help in the future.


Many families in Bangladesh live below the poverty line. They have less than 1 USD (~0.8€) available per day, often resulting in underfeeding, homelessness and illness.




Asha would like to help especially those families. Every family, whether single mothers with their children or people working as day labourers, receives a seed capital of up to 100 Euros, which shall lay the fundament for a humane existence.


Entirely in the sense of the project, this micro-donation is not awarded in the form of money. This way of support would only be of short duration. Asha is rather making an effort to demonstrate to people how to set up their own small business, supported by local volunteer advisors.



Therefore, for example, people receive a few goats, a cow or, at their special desire, a rickshaw. This way, they can breed livestock or earn money by transporting passengers.

Our Motto:


<<If You give a man a fish, he eats for one day.

If You teach him how to fish, he eats forever.>>