Joygun Nesa

The school was named after Shakil Syed's mother
The school was named after Shakil Syed's mother

In Chalksinga - Rajshahi, Asha built a school for 170 children. The “Joygun Nesa – non government primary school” was opened with a celebration on January 13, 2006. The 170 children were provided with school uniforms and books.


For the school, a 1500 square meter estate was acquired for roughly 4000 Euros. The costs for building the school were approximately 10.000 Euros. Another 4000 Euros were needed for the inventory.


The yearly expenses for running the school amount to approx. 4500 Euros. Four teachers are employed at the school. Two additional primary schools are needed in the region Chalksinga – Rajshahi.

A preventive medical examination is planned for the children.


Only after running the school for three years, there is a chance that the state will give approval to the school and support it with up to 70% of the yearly expenses.


The school’s name "Joygun Nesa - non government primary School" was chosen to honor Shakil Syed’s late mother, to whom he promised to help the people in his home country.